It’s time to return to the ancient wisdom of our ancestors

who understood Sex is a part of worshipping and honoring the Most High.

what is sacred sexuality?  Well, the dictionary describes sacred as meaning:  worthy of worship made or declared holy, dedicated or devoted exclusively to a use, purpose, or person worthy of reverence or respect.”

And I’m sure we all know what sex is. But just in case you don’t it’s the process of two or more beings having intercourse or intimate relations with each other. What might not be clear is what Sexuality is. And according to Merriam-Webster; Sexuality is a noun which describes: a word that is the name of something (such as a person, animal, place, thing, quality, idea, or action.) And when you put the two together it becomes clear what sacred sexuality is; A declaration of worship exclusively for persons worthy of reverence or respect.

While most religions have defined sacred and spiritual as being separate from the body and certainly from sex, our ancient ancestors had a very  different understanding of what sex is.

They understood that sex was  the only thing that could create life and viewed it as a way of worship.  they’ve studied not only sex, and sexual response in people but also in nature.  And with this knowledge our ancestors developed sex practices that  not only was conducive physically but also spiritually and emotionally. They also understood that sex isn’t just a physical act. But, is a big part of bonding that holds us together. And when we bond with someone we connect on a spiritual frequency that exchanges love, mutual caring, intimacy, and appreciation.

It is my goal to present our ancestors wisdom with this website. I hope you learn something new and enjoy.