Nerissa Irving is truly a maverick. She constantly reinvents herself and her brand while single-handedly creating a lifestyle that is filled with empowerment, inspiration and spreading love, light and knowledge to the world. As a mother, author, model, sexologist and entrepreneur, she is surely a multifaceted woman.

She is a Jamaican-born Renaissance woman with locs that kiss the ground. She graced the pages of Playboy Magazine as it’s first model with locs. She appeared in the 2008 Special Edition Playboy’s Natural Beauty issue, 2009 issue of Playboy’s Sexy 100 and 2009 Playboy Nudes edition. Nerissa continues to create her empire and expand her brand.
Nerissa uses her platform to educate her community on ways to develop natural habits and routines that are conducive to producing and maintaining a healthy mind, body and soul. She uses her voice to speak on the things a lot of people may stray away from due to them being taboo within society. You can catch her discussing various topics on her vlogs where she sheds light on the importance of taking care of your yoni and general remedies for good hygiene upkeep, being sexy and confident and ways to spice up your sex life and owning sexuality. She consistently drop gems on how to incorporate all of these things in order to cultivate a healthy, fun, sensual and fulfilling lifestyle.


When Nerissa isn’t in front of the camera, she’s behind the scenes creating new products and platforms for people to enjoy. As the founder of Nene’s Organics, a vegan and organic hair, skin, and beauty product line, she gives consumers a natural alternative for enhancing their beauty regimen. She will also be introducing her latest project, Princess Ade Talibah via Nene Organics in spring 2016. As the CEO of Kamoy Magazine Inc., a publication created to inspire the youth, she places emphasis on encouraging natural beauty and healthy living. And she explores the sensual side of life with, which includes an online community and magazine that promotes sexual knowledge and sensual awareness. She has also started to offer wholesale opportunities through Naturotica Wellness for doulas, midwives and women gathering events.
Nerissa Irving is a woman who has decided to create the positivity she wish to see in the world by embracing motherhood, promoting women empowerment, educating the community on healthier alternatives, sexual liberation and on the overall importance of being self-aware. To some it all up, she has accomplished a lot and this is only the beginning.